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8D I don't know why I'm thrilled about that, but for some reason, I am.
I consider today an odd day for two reasons.

a) I went to my parents' place and had a decent, several hours' worth of conversation with my dad without feeling awkward about it, or like I was about to listen to something of a political rant from him, nothing with which I could agree.

b) There has been a presence/spirit/ghostie roaming their land ever since the new house was built back in the mid 90's. There have been several instances of things in the house moving around when no one was there or loud sounds that have no explanation in rooms where no one is at the time. Once when I was a kid and the hallways at one end of the house still had carpet, I chased footsteps down the hall when whatever was making them was always just out of sight. This was at night, when my brother and sister were away for the weekend, and mom and dad were asleep. Those things didn't register until I'd chased it into my sister's room, where it was dark as all, and I heard it duck into her closet, rustling some of her hangers.

Lately, this entity has been fairly active, playing around on almost a daily basis now that my dad is at home in early retirement. While we were talking, we both heard the toilet in the back make a sound like it was about to flush, but it never did. We thought mom was home, since we'd been waiting on her to get off on her break. She didn't actually get home until about 20 minutes later. The bathroom toilet handles are triggered by motion and the dogs aren't allowed back there anymore. What's odd about all of this part of the day is I haven't personally seen or heard from this thing in over 10 years.

Anyway. Back to Marble Hornets. mO_Om

Because there's not much better than kittans. Really, there isn't. OuO
Back to part time at work again starting in a few days. I'm actually looking forward to this after almost three months straight of full time. Yeeeeee, I wanna flop.
More been a while, more blah blah blah. I still sorely want to write fic, but work doesn't let me concentrate and my eyes is tired. I might just play some Terraria after this and kill my back in this chair instead. Who out there has a Steam account?

Aug. 3rd, 2013

I've been getting up at around 9 in the morning these past few days, since I moved out of my old place and in with my nana. Most of that is due to the fact that I now have two windows in my room, one each on two different walls, though neither of them faces east. So far I'm getting along well enough with my housemate/landlady. That's a definite plus. Also, I'm finally able to keep part of my paycheck for the things I need rather than having to devote way more than I can afford to a rent I shouldn't have to be paying. That said, there are two people in my life who have either left permanently or will be leaving as soon as he realizes he's never going to get his desired response from me again.

I can't say I feel bad about any of it. Stressful relationships are just that, and I think everyone is going to be better off going their separate ways in this situation.
I came here to update you guys on things and read your updates and I've done that, but now I don't know what to actually talk about, so...

have this instead

Jul. 9th, 2013

I use this site to bitch more than anything, but it's the one blog I've had longer than any other. I think I started it back in my early college years when I finally got out of my parents' house and started finding out what, exactly, there was to see on the intarwebs. Because of that, I feel like people here might know me better than anyone else, in a way, even if I'm not around that often anymore. There are still things I'll admit and bitch about on this blog that I won't share with anything beyond it, save maybe the only best friend I have in town.

Not really sure why I felt like sharing that, but again. Wouldn't really say it anywhere else.
There really aren't many people who stuck around with LJ, are there? Every time I look back at my friends list, it just gets smaller and smaller.

I could be nice and say that, but it's a me thing. I'm pretty convinced of it.